The New and Improved Tarot of Physics

The first edition of the Tarot of Physics is sold out. You might be able to find pre-owned copies online or from resellers. If you can, grab them! They’re collector’s items.

Not to worry: a new and expanded edition of the Tarot of Physics will be published in April 2024—and this time, we’ll have comprehensive guidebooks. Join the waiting list here.

Read on to see what’s included.

The Tarot of Physics Deck, v.2.0

The deck itself consists of 78 cards: 22 Majors, 56 Minors, divided into the suits of Energy (Wands), Space (Cups), Time (Swords), and Matter (Pentacles). The cards in our new second edition will be slightly larger than the first, now sized exactly like standard tarot cards at 2.75 by 4.75 inches.

The Tarot of Physics Guidebook

The Tarot of Physics Guidebook is the essential guide to the meanings and interpretations of the Tarot of Physics deck. It provides detailed descriptions of each card, blending tarot symbolism with physics concepts, which makes it a must-have for quick reference and daily use alongside the deck.

Elemental Expansion Cards

A limited-edition expansion pack will include four bonus cards representing the elemental forces of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

The Tarot of Physics Study Guide

Step up your understanding of the cards with the Tarot of Physics Study Guide—a comprehensive journey through the cards of the Tarot of Physics. Delve deeply into the symbolism and scientific correlations of each card, and gain a thorough understanding of their meanings and applications. It’s a comprehensive, analytical approach to tarot and physics.

The Tarot of Physics 90-Day Workbook

Embark on a structured 90-day journey of enlightenment with the Tarot of Physics 90-Day Journey Workbook. Designed for immersive learning, this workbook guides you through each card in the deck with daily exercises, reflective questions, and practical applications. It’s a disciplined and comprehensive exploration of tarot merged with physics that will help you integrate the cards into your daily life.

The Tarot of Physics Journal

Keep a personalized record of your journey with the Tarot of Physics Reflections and Readings Journal. It offers structured pages for daily readings, spread templates, and study notes, along with space for personal reflections and creative expression.

The Tarot of Physics Study Group

Join Tarot of Physics creators Daniel John Horon and Corrine Kenner online for monthly classes, workshops, and discussions. Click here to join.

We meet on Zoom at 2 pm Eastern on the second Saturday of each month. That’s 1 pm Central, 12 pm Mountain, and 11 am Pacific. Elsewhere in the world, check your local time zones: 2 pm Eastern is usually 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in Central Europe, and 6 am in Australia.