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The Tarot of Physics PowerPoint Presentation

Dan Horn offered this overview of the Tarot of Physics at the 2014 TarotCon conference in Dallas, Texas. The slides are animated. If you can’t see the animations, use the download link at the bottom to save it to your computer.

[gview file=”http://tarotofphysics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/tarot-of-physics-tarotcon-2014-notes-12-19.pptx”]

PowerPoint Notes

Here is an Adobe Acrobat copy of Dan’s notes.

[gview file=”http://tarotofphysics.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Tarot-of-Physics-TarotCon-2014-Notes-12-19.pdf”]

Dan Horn and Corrine Kenner on Tarot Tribe Radio

By Donnaleigh de la Rose

The Tarot of Physics is a hot new self-published tarot deck by Dan Horn and Corrine Kenner, sold exclusively through The Tarot Garden. This deck uses the fascinating wide world of physics to illustrate tarot -– and visa-versa. Each card matches a scientific principle, phenomenon, or law with a corresponding tarot idea.  And WOW, what it does to readings!

Explanations are provided, helping interpretation and allowing each concept to define the other. The suits are Energy, Space, Time, and Matter. The card backs are laminated to provide durability, but unlaminated on the front to allow for coloring and/or annotating of the images.

You’ll see your readings in a new “light” and with interpretations that will electrify you! Truly incredible interpretations come through, even if you know zip about physics. Dan will teach us tonight how the cards energetically interact, in a way everyone can understand.